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One hundred religious persons knit into a unity by careful organization do not constitute a church any more that eleven dead men make a football team. The first requisite is life, always.
- A. W. Tozer

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10 Signs of a Biblical Church

Modern Christianity provides a myriad of blessings to hundreds of millions attending churches within dozens of denominations. Nevertheless it seems unlikely that so many differing doctrines and practices, often at odds with each other, accurately depict those established by Christ and His apostles. During the lifetime of New Testament authors, Jesus was already judging His churches offering compliments and complaints, promises and ultimatums.

honest assessment suggests that much of Churchianity may excel as centers for spiritual birthing and nursery, preschool and kindergarten. Yet beyond this, evidence is overwhelming that we are failing to provide the quality of spiritual salt and light that our families and friends, neighbors and world so desperately need and deserve.

Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.

- Jude 1:3 ESV

Note: Those concerned with the unprecedented international and nation challenges arising in 2020 and beyond, including the implications and aftermath of COVID-19, may want to review the update at the end of this article before proceeding.

When and where, how and why we attend church is an expression of our relationship to God and others. Regularity is an initial sign of commitment. Choice of denomination may demonstrate the way we perceive God. Attending one church or meeting over another often reflects preferences in worship and fellowship. Formal or casual dress might display a favored stye of socializing. Behaviors during and after gatherings convey the kind and quality of experience we seek.

Christian interaction is a product of it’s environment. Affluence has far reaching affects on how we feel about life and even God. Societal values exert influence on the way we see ourselves and relationships. Media driven norms reinforce worldly stereotypes.

Spirituality abhors a vacuum. Mankind yearns for something more than fleeting moments of
happiness. Made in Omnity’s image, consciously or not, humanity’s true desire is nothing short of being filled with the very glory of God. This is the ultimate purpose of a Biblical church. A goal to which Scripture repeatedly attests:

  •  Because of our faith, Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand, and we confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing God’s glory.” Romans 5:2 New Living Translation

  • “For God wanted them to know that the riches and glory of Christ are for you Gentiles, too. And this is the secret: Christ lives in you. This gives you assurance of sharing his glory.” Colossians 1:27 New Living Translation

  • “…He gave up his life for her to make her holy and clean, washed by the cleansing of God’s word. He did this to present her to himself as a glorious church without a spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. Instead, she will be holy and without fault.” Ephesians 5:25-27 New Living Translation
Sounds great! That is until compared with the far less glorious experience of modern Christianity. A disconnect so dramatic as to call into question the promise of Scripture. Here as elsewhere, such seeming contradictions lead to one of three choices:

1. Apathy: Reinterpret or relegate the principle into unimportance.

2. Pretense: Assume or act as if experiencing the promise.

3. Discernment: Research and comply with Scripture’s applicable conditions.
Caring enough to be able and willing to note defects in the spiritual status quo requires a certain level of expertise and diligence. Regrettably, this is not in keeping
Churchianity’s primary goal of simply enjoying God and/or fellowship.

In the developed world, the majority of those attending church do so casually. Even among regular attenders, hundreds of millions adopt a relaxed spiritual worldview. Unfortunately, while many are correct in feeling their level of dedication adequately expresses their faith, it may not be in the admirable way imagined. This trend represents more a disregard of weightier Kingdom realities than rightly feeling at ease in God’s presence.

Lukewarmness is one of the greatest spiritual perils of our time. The famous pollster George Barna pinpoints a major distinction between 1st century Biblical Christianity and 21st century modern Churchianity:

  • “Many believers claim to trust what the Bible teaches, but they reject the notion of a real spiritual adversary or they feel that faith-sharing activities are optional. Millions feel personally committed to God, but they are renegotiating the definition of that deity. One reason beliefs fluctuate is that most Americans hold few convictions about their faith and have one foot in the biblical camp and one foot outside it. They say they are committed, but to what? They are spiritually active, but to what end? The spiritual profile of American Christianity is not unlike a lukewarm church that the Bible warns about.”
Such an evaluation raises the question of how a present day Laodicean (lukewarm) church might act. Certainly one might expect a lack of spiritual discernment and sensitivity. In advanced cases, wayward attitudes and/or behavior requiring heartbroken confrontation are instead twisted into points of pride. A serious spiritual reversal that Paul, the apostle of grace, sharply condemned in the Corinthian church’s disregard of immorality among their ranks:

  • “And you’re so above it all that it doesn’t even faze you! Shouldn’t this break your hearts? Shouldn’t it bring you to your knees in tears? Shouldn’t this person and his conduct be confronted and dealt with? 1 Corinthians 5:2 The Message
Paul’s continued rebuke sounds like this in the Amplified Bible:

  • “Your boasting [over the supposed spirituality of your church] is not good [indeed, it is vulgar and inappropriate]. Do you not know that [just] a little leaven ferments the whole batch [of dough, just as a little sin corrupts a person or an entire church]? Do you not judge those who are within the church [to protect the church as the situation requires]? God alone sits in judgment on those who are outside [the faith]. REMOVE THE WICKED ONE FROM AMONG YOU [expel him from your church].” 1 Corinthians 5:6,12-13 Amplified Bible - Emphasis AMP
Many congregations and even whole denominations fail to confront, or even go so far as to actively promote, what Scripture clearly identifies as sexual sin. Furthermore, while not all doctrinal or lifestyle errors within the church are as obvious, Paul’s admonition establishes a principle. We are not only answerable for our own souls but are in fact our brother’s keeper. For this and many other reasons, in these the best and worst of times, we do well to remember the promises of God’s salvation and blessing are reserved for those who diligently seek Him. This includes doing our homework in regards to just how closely churches we frequent or support match Biblical criteria.

It’s hard to overemphasize the fact the we are all
telling ourselves a story. The supreme question then becomes how do our personal and corporate narratives compare to God’s? Along this line Paul instructs:

  • “Test yourselves to make sure you are solid in the faith. Don’t drift along taking everything for granted. Give yourselves regular checkups. You need firsthand evidence, not mere hearsay, that Jesus Christ is in you. Test it out. If you fail the test, do something about it.” 2 Corinthians 13:5-6 The Message

  • “But a person must [prayerfully] examine himself [and his relationship to Christ], and only when he has done so should he eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks [without solemn reverence and heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifice of Christ], eats and drinks a judgment on himself if he does not recognize the body [of Christ]. That [careless and unworthy participation] is the reason why many among you are weak and sick, and a number sleep [in death]. “ 1 Corinthians 11:28-30 Amplified Bible
With deception and temptation ubiquitous, unbelief and sin pandemic, any local or denominational gathering of Christians not espousing and embracing extreme and radical discipleship can hardly claim to provide the example and direction commanded and exemplified by Christ and His apostles. Signs of the modern Church militant begin with members showing the dedication and diligence of at least amateur athletes (10-20 hours a week) steadily growing into a commitment rivaling that of farmers and soldiers. Prophetic Christians daily study and are studied by the Bible, rightly interpreting and memorizing passages dealing with the most important issues of their day. Understanding Scripture's context and emphasis, they busy themselves working out their salvation, and that of others. With Biblical faith and hope, coupled with "fear and trembling" these continually purpose to become "doers" rather than "hearers" of the word of life.

The hallmark of Laodicea, the last and
worst of Revelation's seven churches and/or church ages, presents as complacency and even arrogance. Within their self deception. For those who are living in the latter days, “such a time as this” requires authentic Christians and congregations to be steaming hot, rather than ice cold or temperately lukewarm. Sadly, on our watch the sexual revolution of the 1960's inverted millennia of morality, with little or no resistance. Rather than leavening society, worldliness has so infiltrated Churchianity as to have left little or no genuine difference in many of our our lifestyle choices. All this while right before our eyes the stage is set for Revelation's unprecedented global judgments.

are not routinely investing several hours a week, much less a day, in Bible study or strategic personal and corporate prayer. Failure to do so reveals a level of apathy, if not unbelief or even rebellion, wholly unacceptable to Christ and His Holy Spirit. For example see QC’s outline on how to develop an Azusa Street style prayer meeting.

With all due sensitivity, and given the constraints of modern life, QC offers a review of what may be the minimum 10 signs of Biblical
fellowship. Each is relatively straight forward, yet far too often overlooked. By individuals and congregations alike.

Top 10 signs of a Biblical Church

1. Honesty: Perhaps the key virtue most pleasing to God. Honesty includes our appropriate response to a number of aspects of human life.

  • Mortality: Full appreciation that we are not just fearfully and wonderfully made but most fearfully and wonderfully made, in a fearful and wonderful place, living fearful and/or wonderful lives, facing fearful and/or wonderful futures and a most fearful or wonderful eternity.

  • Nature: We are triune beings. Hence we are spirits (eternal beings) possessing souls (personality) living in bodies. While God is the great I Am. I am nothing great. He has so much, everything. He knows so much, everything. He is so much, everything. Tri-Omnity. Eternally Self Existing and immutable.

  • Obedience: As with our own children there are levels of obedience. Scripture requires we grow into greater maturity. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of church attendees, rather than having 5-20 years of Christian experience, we have 1 year of elementary Christian experience 5-20 times.

2. Repentance: Point 1 alone shows we have much for which to repent. Such a repentive mindset need be strategic and continual, individual and corporate.

  • Cure for Worldliness: Only once does the Bible not only diagnose worldliness within the church, but offer a line by line prescription in treating this malevolent tumor metastasizing throughout the body of Christ. Particularly in the First World.

3. Biblical Literacy: In the face of growing evidence for the Divine authority of Scripture, a small percentage of believers today choose to diligently, rather than casually, seek Him as commanded.

  • Remembering Scripture: The average Christian is unable to quote ten verses in a row.

4. Intercession: The responsibilities and distractions, temptations and deceptions of modern life all vie for the attention of today’s believers. A dwindling minority are willing to invest serious time and energy in prayer, or any spiritual discipline the Bible promises to reward. Rather, based on a misunderstanding of the unconditional loving acceptance of God, many assume salvation and presume that simply tossing up a prayer now and then is sufficient.

  • Unanswered Prayer: The biggest reason for prayerlessness is unanswered prayer. Yet, rather than addressing the root causes of this extremely serious issue, we choose to either opt out or pretend all is well.

  • Prayer Meetings: It’s been said, “You can measure the popularity of a church by the number participating in a Sunday service. You can measure the popularity of a pastor by the number participating in a midweek service. You can measure the popularity of God by the number participating in a regularly scheduled prayer meeting.” By this standard, God’s popularity has plummeted to single digits. Makes one wonder with defeats such as the inversion of millennia of morality, the abortion of over a billion, untold numbers of family members lost to sin etc. what more motivation is necessary? The lack of an extremely well attended serious and lengthy prayer meeting offered weekly, if not daily, is a tragic sign of the times. It’s one thing to fight and fail, quite another to fail to fight.

  • Levels of Prayer: As there are various modes of prayer, so too are there levels of commitment and fervency. Again these include simply praying for, which largely amounts to wishful thinking. Next would be pressing in for hours at a time. Finally there is praying through, which implies continual intercession until the answer is in hand. In a time such as this, it's the role of wise intercessors to recognize the temptation and sin overwhelming society. Including those embraced by the people of God. Like Jeremiah, they pour out their soul in lament that God would save His people, even in the face of great personal cost. Like Habukkuk, they wrestle with God that in justice and judgment He might remember mercy. Like Mary and the Canaanite mother, they refuse to take no for an answer. Like Paul in his greatest prayer, they travail that the gifts of the Spirit would flourish and multiply, and the Church would be “filled with all the fullness of God.” Yet, where are the mature among us dedicated to this most crucial of missions? The fulfillment of which would benefit everyone in every way. Oh that we would genuinely pursue, and thus entertain a realistically hope, of fully experiencing the Spirit’s presence and power, provision and protection. In ways "exceedingly, abundantly, beyond all that we can ask or think.” Please see GB's Prayer of Anguish.

5. Sanctification: Most Christians will listen to a sermon. Perhaps a tenth of these take the time to discuss the sermon seriously. Perhaps a tenth of these pray about putting the teaching into practice.  Perhaps a tenth of these will do so.  Perhaps a tenth of these gather to pray that others do the same. Perhaps a tenth of these will honestly review their results, admitting failure where warranted. Perhaps a tenth of these will reinvest the time and effort required to meditate on and refine the process. To succeed in fulfilling Christ's Great Commission, we need far better odds than one in a million honest and diligent God seekers.

  • Kingdom Wisdom: The New Testament reveals a heavenly wisdom in direct option to worldly thinking. Christian fellowship must reflect the importance of understanding the difference and choosing sanctification.

  • Immorality: Though we may hope and pretend otherwise, immorality is a leading deal breaker in Scripture. A nearly 60 year deluge of temptation and deception has turned every aspect of Earth into a Waterworld of entitlement and sin.

  • Dualism: A vast majority of society fails to appreciate the role dualism plays in shaping our lives. A form of double-mindedness, we are not only capable of good and evil, but often participate in both. Knowingly and not. Note: As was the case with the Rich Man in the story of Lazarus, the judgment of eternity will forever clarify the wisdom or folly of our choices. Truth, currently clouded by individual and corporate foolishness, will then have it’s eternal dawn. Long after the current cosmos have vanished, God’s glory will illuminate mankind’s cumulative consciousness. Some to everlasting joy and praise. Some to endless weeping and gnashing of teeth. There, knowing as precisely as we’re known, before eternity and the host of Heaven, there will be no shadow of confusion or turning, no discussion or excuse.

6. Holy Spirit: The paramount glory of Christianity is found in the inconceivable gift of the Trinity. The Father so loved the world that He gave His Son, Immanuel God with us, to provide salvation through the incomparably costly atonement of Christ. Victoriously, Christ was resurrected and ascended to Heaven, offering to fill His Church with the promised Spirit of the Father and Son, that Omnity might not just be with us but in us.

  • Pentecostal Paradox: A major cause for the afore mentioned failures is lack of understanding of and insensitivity to the Holy Spirit. The two leading points of view regarding the Spirit’s work are opposite in nature, yet both have a negative, if not damning, effect. A majority of denominations and/or churches choose, purposefully or by default, cessationist theology. This suggests that miraculous gifts were only meant to attest to the veracity of the new revelation preached by Christ and His apostles. When this revelation was canonized into Scripture, the astonishing miracles ceased. Having timed out as a new dispensation focusing on the Bible began. Thus the authority of Scripture is said to have replaced the need for the extraordinary healing of the sick, tongues and their interpretation, prophecy, etc. A convenient doctrine to justify both worldliness and subsequent powerlessness. An excuse glaringly absent from Scripture. On the flip side, when it comes to gifts of the Spirit, modern Charismatics play loose with the facts, falsely assuring themselves of harmony with God via the continual demonstration of the miraculous in their midst.

  • Fruit of the Spirit: God has tasked mankind with the gracious directive to develop and practice the fruit of the Spirit. As it is defined in Scripture. It’s more the quality than the quantity of direct and indirect Bible passages that emphasize the fruit of the Spirit as one of the of most crucial of topics.

  • Gifts of the Spirit: The gifts of the Spirit, particular the healing of the sick, are essential in replicating the New Testament experience. Indispensable in both the ministry of Jesus, and that of His apostles in the Book of Acts, spiritual gifts stand as the first and foremost Christian icon of the presence and power of God.

  • Prayer of Faith: Christ’s brother James, the head of the 1st century church of Jerusalem, admonishes, “Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” The fact that nearly to a church we are unable to routinely heal the sick strongly suggests either we have no genuine elders or they are unable to pray the prayer of faith. Please see GB's COVID-19.

  • Revival: In light of our current spiritual crises, few topics are as relevant as revival. While the term has come to mean different things to different people, the kind of revival humanity needs is an unparalleled move of God on an unprecedented scale. Yet, the greatest restriction to the growth of the Kingdom of God lies not with those who know God least but best. The call to receive the challenge of revival falls not on the shoulders of sinners but saints.

7. Pro-Life: For the last several decades, the very Christian nations that once evangelized the world with the Gospel of Christ have become heralds of another message. Rather than Christ's command to love our neighbor through self sacrifice, this new gospel promotes the original sin of entitlement. The love of self through sacrificing our most consummate neighbor, our pre-born.

  • Abortion: In a single generation the loss of human life by clinical abortion has grown to eclipse all other forms of killing. From the men and women seeking abortion, to the institutions supporting its proliferation, the quantity and quality of so much innocent blood has spiritually stained our blue planet red.

  • Abortion and the Church: Abortion’s devastating impact on the Church is universally underestimated. Without overstatement, it is the most cunning and Satanic sin in human history. With over 60 million performed in the United States, clinical abortion in the U.S. has taken ten times more American lives than WWII. With more than a billion world wide, abortion’s toll is equivalent 5-10 times Earth’s entire population in Christ’s day. Fearful statistics in light of Christ’s waring, “Whatever you’ve done or failed to do to the least of these my brothers you’ve done or failed to do to Me.”

  • Aborting our Prayers: When it comes to aborting planet fulls of the most innocent, Churchianity’s sins of omission and commission regarding abortion have been impacting our prayers for decades. “Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear. For your hands are stained with blood,  your fingers with guilt. Your lips have spoken falsely, and your tongue mutters wicked things. No one calls for justice; no one pleads a case with integrity… Their feet rush into sin; they are swift to shed innocent blood. They pursue evil schemes; acts of violence mark their ways.”

  • Abortion and the Good Samaritan: Their's no greater question than how to inherit eternal life. The Bible records Jesus only being directly asked this question twice. The story of the Good Samaritan, which incidentally is not offered as a parable, raises questions about modern doctrines of salvation and grace. It’s also a chilling correlation to our lackluster response to the pinnacle sin of abortion.

  • Authentically Pro-Life: There are differing views on what it means to be truly be pro-life. Sadly, the prevailing opinion is to be privately against abortion, whether such sympathies often or ever translate into appropriate action. If Christ taught that simply being anti-robbery and pro-safe travel wouldn’t save the priest and levite, how shall we today fare who fail the test of being Good Samaritans?

8. Science: Those diligently seeking to answer life’s ultimate questions soon find faith not only reasonable, but crucial when faced with the absolute certainty of the existence of God. Unfortunately, too few modern believers adequately understand either of God’s two revelations.

  • General Revelation: There is mounting evidence that the Bible is God’s Special Revelation. Nevertheless there is a growing disconnect among Christians on how Creation (general revelation) must seamlessly integrate with our understanding of Scripture (special revelation).

  • Young vs Old Earth: Again, the difference between Young and Old Earth creationism is night and day. To put it mildly, clergy and laity alike clinging to discredited beliefs appear foolish and uneducated in the scientific arena. An unfortunate and unnecessary hurdle in promoting the gospel.

9. Technology: Modern life is filled with unprecedented blessings and wealth through an endless list of amazing advances in technology, education, healthcare, housing, food, transportation, communication, business, entertainment, etc. Yet, to what degree is technology helping or hurting the Kingdom of God? Consider the ramification of TV and smart phones, tablets and PC’s, as part of what may well be a myriad of cultural blindspots.

For a variety of reasons, to the
serious Christian, the subject of a TV fast should be a no brainer. Odds are good, or in our case bad, that subscribing to and viewing, much less paying for and thereby partaking in and promoting broadcast or cable TV is clearly contrary to Biblical Christianity given even just the following short list of concerns. Yet, hundreds of millions of us remain faithful watchers, if not addicts, even though:

  • Amusement: Literally means "not to think.”

  • Waisted Time: The average family routinely invests 100's of hours a month in TV and social media, yet invest less than a tenth as much diligently seeking God. Hardly redeeming the time as the Bible dictates.

  • Morality: The proliferation of what was once considered soft porn infects everything from cartoons to prime time TV programing and commercials. Again failing the test of Scripture.

  • Porn: Thousands of scenes depicting acts of immorality and hard porn, not to mention entire episodes and series, movies and music videos are dedicated to such programming. Absolutely anathema.

  • Profanity: Millions of curse words permeate thousands of scenes, not to mention entire episodes and series, movies and music videos. Absolutely anathema.

  • Violence: Tens of thousands of scenes, not to mention entire episodes and series, movies and music videos are dedicated to such programming. Up to and including the extremely popular and lucrative gore genre. Absolutely anathema.

  • Occult: Tens of thousands of scenes, not to mention entire episodes and series, movies and music videos are dedicated to such programming. Up to and including the extremely popular and lucrative horror genre. Absolutely anathema.

10. Key Verses: The following are a short list of key Scriptures that largely go unnoticed, much less obeyed, resulting in devastating Kingdom losses in both time and eternity:

1. "But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6 New King James Version

2. “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment." John 7:24 New King James Version

3.For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.” Luke 12:48 New King James Version

4.Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:16 New King James Version

5. “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts." Rom 13:14 New King James Version

6. “Remember the prisoners as if chained with them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also." Hebrews 13:3 New King James Version

7. “And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content.” 1 Timothy 6:8 New King James Version

8. “Share with the Lord's people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” Romans 12:13 New International Version

9.In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 New King James Version

10. “You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” 2 Timothy 2:3 New King James Version

11. “But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep. For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened by the Lord, that we may not be condemned with the world.” 1 Corinthians 11:28-32 New King James Version

12. “Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church. Or did the word of God originate with you? Or are you the only people it has reached? If anyone thinks they are a prophet or otherwise gifted by the Spirit, let them acknowledge that what I am writing to you is the Lord’s command. But if anyone ignores this, they will themselves be ignored.” 1 Cor. 14:34-38 New International Version

13. “And I, brethren, could not speak to you as to spiritual people but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ. I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until now you were not able to receive it, and even now you are still not able; for you are still carnal. For where there are envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men? For when one says, “I am of Paul,” and another, “I am of Apollos,” are you not carnal?” 1 Cor. 3:1-4 New King James Version

14. “Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom. But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth. This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic. For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there. But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” James 3:13-18 New King James Version

15. “In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” 2 Tim 3:12-13 New International Version

16. “The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.” Galatians 5:19-21 New International Version

17. “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21:36 New King James Version

18. “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.” Psalms 66:18 New King James Version

19. “I will behave wisely in a perfect way. Oh, when will You come to me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart. I will set nothing wicked before my eyes.” Psalms 101:2-3 New King James Version

2021 Update: The year 2020 marked an unanticipated acceleration in the deterioration of societal norms. With 2021 following in lockstep. Signs of the times boding poorly for modern Christianity, and society as a whole. The threat of present and future global pandemics abound. Economic tribulation reverberates worldwide.

By mid 2020,
43 million sought unemployment benefits in the U.S. alone. Coast to coast rioting and looting, violence and murder, over the justifiable death of career criminal George Floyd went unchecked. Not to mention a series of other false martyrs used by Antifa, Black Lives Mater and Democrats to promote and propagate the greatest unchecked anarchy in recent U.S. history. To the point of choreographing the likelihood of race riots with militias on both sides. All this while calling to defund the police, after already making the crucial job of society’s protectors all but impossible.

Scripture is clear such manipulations of facts and logic, much less the rebellion and
anarchy they promote, are forbidden and will prove disastrous for all parties concerned:

  • Doom to you who call evil good and good evil, Who put darkness in place of light and light in place of darkness, Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20 The Message
Accompanying the devastating fallout of unprecedented global and national impacts of COVID-19 has been the most obvious and successful campaign of disinformation. Medical and otherwise. Liberal elites and news outlets joined mega corporations and social media platforms to censor and vilify dissenting opinions. Sentiments shared by tens, if not hundreds of thousands of medical researchers and health care professionals regarding a variety of COVID-19 issues. See AmericasFrontlineDoctors.com and other honest medical professionals for excellent information in regards to COVID treatments and concerns over experimental vaccines. Or more accurately, “biological agents” in regards to and the likelihood of irreversible, if not deadly, side effects.

During this unprecedented international campaign against global societies, in the U.S. such misinformation often went hand and hand with support of
BLM rioting and looting, violence and murder. Domestic terrorism on a national scale sponsored by powerful liberals within government, media and business. Power brokers aiming the gun and pulling the trigger on American society during a flawlessly manufactured low point.

These kinds of previously unimaginably blatant and continual attacks would seem to be clearly orchestrated to introduce an entirely
new sociopolitical era. One reinforced by vast supply lines of support and genuflection.

Never before have the spiritual and societal battle lines been drawn so clearly. Even the
genocide of abortion is largely unseen. More a religious and moral issue than the publicly emboldened and highly praised BLM rioting and looting, violence and murder. A campaign of terror supplemented with the tearing down of monuments, while bestowing martyrdom and sainthood on felons.

A year or more of BLM insurrection received unprecedented support from the new and improved
iron triangle of liberal politics, mass media and international corporations.

All the while, aside from political posturing, a majority of Republican leaders have done little to nothing to practically stem the tide of such obvious lawlessness. Neither did they meaningfully confront a long list of other evils besetting the nation.

Even when controlling the Presidency, Senate and House of Representatives during Donald Trumps first two years in office,
Planned Parenthood was permitted to continue receiving federal funding. Once again, breaking Republican campaign promises.

A summary of just a few of the more unfortunate highlights of 2020-2021 alone provide shocking evidence that the times, they be a changing:

1. Abortion on Demand: Tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars are rightly spent to deliver a premature baby. Criminal charges of manslaughter, if not murder, are brought against killing an unborn child in the womb. If not requested by the mother. Late term and even partial birth abortions have long been legalized. All the while, Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider, continues to receive tax payer funding allowing for the reallocation of revenues to promote abortion on demand. Such irrationality forwards the long held nonsensical philosophy that the scientific definition between a pre-born child and discardable tissue mass continues to be simply based on a particular mother’s momentary choice.

2. BLM/Antifa: Well over ten thousand protest and more than 500 violent, destructive and murderous riots were created, encouraged and justified by liberal politicians, media and global corporations across America.

All such anarchy was instigated by the gross misrepresentation of
fictional systemic racism and lies regarding reported genocidal behavior on the part of police. Largely occasioned by the clearly justifiable death of the now sainted George Floyd, a career and violent criminal, threatening black and white lives for decades.

These same insurrectionists were allowed to
loot and burn, violate and occupy homes and businesses, police and federal buildings at will, while destroying civic statues and defacing national monuments. In some cases, to the point of declaring their own autonomous zones in occupied cities.

All the while, many major urban areas, like that of the liberally governed Chicago of the Obamas, suffered
more black on black violence and murder on a single weekend than all the semi questionable black police shootings in an entire year.

During this time the Woke agenda claimed systemic racism in every facet of American life, business and politics when clearly it was BLM/Antifa that had been given freedom to reign down discrimination and hate, destruction and theft, violence and murder on fellow citizens everywhere and of every color.
Including their own.

3. Homosexuality/Transgenderism: First we are told men and women’s heterosexual and homosexual orientations are hard wired and not simply the product of appropriate or inappropriate sexual impulses or preferences.

With the false narrative of transgenderism,
there is in fact now no scientifically based gender whatsoever. Thus logically there is no such thing as homosexuality. Suddenly, human biology is fluid, again based not on science but on however one pleases to self identify at any given moment.

President Biden’s executive order and bills such as the Equality Act, even elementary school children are encouraged to identify, not just as queer, but transgender. All evidence to the contrary. To the point of supporting or requiring the administering of biologically altering puberty blockers and even gender reassignment surgeries.

Girls are also required to allow boys to use their bathrooms, locker rooms and play as girls on their sport teams.

4. Non Binary: The next step on the liberal agenda has been the introduction of Woke terminology such as non binary, paving the way for any and all identification as anything or everything, once again based not on science but individual proclivity.

5. Dystopia: To complete the solidification of irrational and systemic lawlessness, language itself has been assaulted by nonsensical Woke idioms such as systemic and environmental racism, economic and environmental justice, white privilege and defund the police, non binary and gender pronouns, transgender theory and parenting.

All such illogical manipulations are far less about forwarding rational and coherent sociopolitical arguments than signally unity with the agenda of the ruling elite. A kind of signet or code, along the lines of the recent Marvel Avengers movies
whispered and shouted, “Hail Hydra.”

systematic silencing of many, if not most traditional values and dissenting opinions, is already in place. Including suspending then President Trumps social media accounts and deplatforming alternatives like Parlor.

Constant coverage by ultra left media and politics, education and corporations not only equates to the brainwashing of an entire generation, but frequently paints the entire conservative party as not only racists, but white supremacists.
Actual creed or color notwithstanding.

Touting Ivy League education and superior savvy, the upper echelons of education and politics, media and business suggest and implement
massive censoring and deplatforming of genuine science and reason, humanitarianism and religion. All the while falsely calling for peace and unity, while instituting anarchy and policies designed to sow discord and prejudice by a variety of means. Including embedding propagandist critical race theory throughout schools and the rest of society.

Woke’s terminology and expressions, cancel culture and BLM rioting have been nearly universal recognized and received not only in the U.S. but abroad by international media and corporations, globalist and liberal politicians. A tragic development, clearly in keeping with the adoption of the kind of Doublethink and Newspeak undermining society in George Orwell’s infamous dystopian novel 1984.

All these efforts and far more signal the emergence and growing supremacy of
antinomianism by clearly calling evil good and good evil. A New World Order forwarded by the spirit of the Man of Lawlessness, long prophesied in Scripture.

In magic, misdirection is a form of deception in which the performer draws audience attention to one thing to distract from another.

All these efforts and far more serve to quantumly both
veil and signal the emergence and growing supremacy of a new sociopolitical era.

All this and more raises a crucial question.
If such radical leftest policies are taking place before our eyes, what is happening behind the curtain?

What lies beyond the creation of unprecedented emergency powers enabling implementation of global economic and institutional control, mandatory shelter in place and social distancing ordinances? Nefarious agendas having already orchestrated previously unknown closures of businesses and churches, schools and recreation around the world. Might even greater social and fiscal engineering plans and restrictions already be set in motion?

There is noteworthy speculation that such rapid and ominous changes are structured to promote and propagate
sociopolitical control. Escalations designed to forward the infiltration of global society. On an international and national, state and community level. Leading to the rapid advancement of a New World Order. Possibly even the ushering in of the long foretold Antichrist, as well as the Mark of the Beast. The appearance of both, as Scripture plainly warns, predating Christ’s prophesied Rapture of the Church.

It’s not hard to imagine a scenario where the primary, secondary and tertiary effects of global catastrophes such as
COVID-19, and its worrisome vaccine, play a significant role in the beginning of sorrows warned of in the gospels, epistles and Book of Revelation.

Many questions remain unanswered. Many mysteries persist. Yet amongst the
COVID-19 affliction and aftermath, a single spiritual concern looms large.

What will it take to move modern Christians to reevaluate our present disastrous course?

What more need be threatened? If not
forever lost? How much greater the disaster before we replace presumption with Biblical faith? When will fellowships and churches come with brokenness and contrition before the God we so casually invoke and yet daily offend?

Scripture complains that in the last church era,
Jesus stands outside knocking on the door. Are we yet ready to appropriately respond to Christ through necessary pre-revival repentance in hope of experiencing our own Pentecost. With hundreds, if not thousands, of upper rooms?

Most needed now is a cure many find worse than the disease. A Scripturally accurate diagnoses of
apathetic and anemic powerlessness. A prescription of rigorous honesty and radical discipleship. Followed with a comprehensive treatment of James 4’s Prayer of Anguish in hopes of recovering spiritual discernment and radical discipleship. As well as James 5’s Divine intervention of miraculous power.

Such a regimen is the only way for
modern Christians to cure our free fall from grace and be reconciled to God. In this fashion, 21st century believers can truly follow Jesus and rest assured of salvation. By fulfilling even His more demanding commands, particularly in regards to Revelation’s account of Christ’s judgment of His church.

Given the challenges and opportunities set before us, please see the scores of hyperlinks already provided. GB also highly recommends reading the following QC books and/or articles:

UPDATE: Roe vs. Wade Overturned

To the joy of countless millions, on Friday 6/24/22 the landmark decision Hobbs vs. Jackson by the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe vs. Wade. Thus auspiciously ending 40 years of national tyranny against 60 million pre-born.

Or at lease throwing the decision to allow mothers to continue conspiring with physicians to murder the offspring within their wombs back to America's 50 individual states...

While I now live in North East Texas, years ago I spent nearly 100 Saturdays at Central California clinics warning and imploring up to twenty girls a day to spare their babies. Via public parking constraints, forced to pass near I implored, “If God gives you the gift of a child don’t let anyone harm it.”

Often alone, sometimes there would be nearly a handful of us. On a good day, one or two mothers would listen and change their minds.

On many other occasions none at all.

As in Christ's end time parable of the
Sheep and Goats, there I discovered Jesus in His smallest and most innocent form. Totally dependent for “food” and “drink,” “naked” and “in prison” in the very womb of His mother. There I watched as He was repeatedly carried, “Like a lamb to the slaughter,” into a medical clinic. A most solemn and sorrowful scenario with grave spiritual ramifications.

One repeated in Fresno alone over 50,000 times.

In over two years I don’t recall a single member of the clergy or even lay leader joining us. Though I understand the odds may have somewhat improved through the influence of 40 Days For Life.

Only a fraction of fraction of a percent of ordained ministers have served as a director of a leading pro-life organization. Far less still have had the honor and responsibility to act as a leading liaison to over a thousand churches in state wide pro-life political initiatives.

With well over thirty years in
strategic Christian service, including more than a decade of pastoral ministry and pro-life activism, the author is privileged to belong to a select fraternity. This and other articles and books represent a culmination of experience. Using such depth perception, this commentary is intended to introduce the true nature of the challenge presented by abortion. Particularly to modern Christianity.

During California’s 2005 Prop. 73 Parent’s Right To Know initiative I produced the pro-life political DVD entitled “Protect Me…Please” to be shown in hundreds, if not thousands of churches, prior to or on election Sunday. Groundbreaking, the 3 minute video featuring post abortive laments of teenage girls, made the front page of both the LA Times and San Francisco Chronicle. Prop. 73 failed by a narrow margin.

During the subsequent Prop. 85 initiative I achieved another milestone. For the first time, four leading Protestant state denominations, the
Southern Baptists, Assemblies of God, Calvary Chapel and Foursquare, officially endorsed a political initiative. Again Parent’s Right to Know (PRK) was defeated.

Our third attempt in 2008 with Prop 4. affectionately dubbed “Sarah’s Law” failed as well. More than
political, my involvement was spiritually motivated. After having spoken to thousands of Christians across denominational lines, it was clear that far less than 1% of either clergy or laity had the vaguest notion of the scale of abortion’s true threat to either the pre-born or the Church.

As a topical Biblical commentary, Quantum Christianity was designed in recognition of the need to examine and handle truth carefully and honestly. Scriptural and otherwise. The nationalized legalization of clinical abortion, and its apparent overruling, presents a perfect case in point.

A faithful handling of the Old and New Testament requires would be students and adherents to develop
spiritual discernment on a variety of subjects crucial to Scriptural Christianity. The lack of which has produced hundreds of differing denominations espousing various Christs and versions of the gospel. Tragically, many of the hopeful insights inherent in Christ's command to "Judge with righteous judgment" continue to go largely unrealized within modern Christianity.

Such is certainly the case when considering the American church's 40 year track record in regards to appropriately responding to abortion. Or more accurately, the lack thereof. Both clinically and

Bear in mind that church attending Christians could have ended abortion in a single day, 365 days a year, for nearly 40 years, by simply sending 1% of our congregations to have family friendly picnics in front of every abortion
clinic in America. With thousands peacefully blocking entrances, even should there be numerous arrests, the sheer numbers involved would shut down all abortuaries in a single day. With 99% more authentically pro-life Christians waiting for a chance to join cause.

Yet nothing could be further from the case.

Nor have we seriously addressed the widespread use of
abortifacient contraception throughout Christendom. A topic that many, if not most, pro-life organizations know or speak little about. Most often chemical in nature, early term abortions are a result of various forms of birth control and other devices. Abortions of this kind happen before the mother is aware of her pregnancy. The exact numbers are unknown. Some estimates suggest the daily total of these types of abortions may be surprising large. In the U.S. alone perhaps between 834,000 to over 4,000,000 per year (Dr. Bobmir Kuhar, Infant Homicides Through Contraceptives Pg 27.) Lower estimates range around 100,000 to over 1,500,000 annually (Randy Alcorn: Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? How Often Does the Pill Cause Abortions?)

Thus the compelling need to rethink Jesus' directive to "Judge with righteous judgment" should be abundantly evident.

But is it? Throughout the
Hobbs vs. Jackson decision by the Supreme Court celebratory posts and podcasts, sermons and ceremonies, is there any awareness of the reality of the seriousness our situation? Or brokenhearted repentance in light of the depth of our failures?

Are any of today's joyful messages cognizant of the Bible's repeated warning that God is not mocked.

  • Do not be deceived, God is not mocked [He will not allow Himself to be ridiculed, nor treated with contempt nor allow His precepts to be scornfully set aside]; for whatever a man sows, this and this only is what he will reap. Galatians 6:7 AMP

  • For they sow the wind [in evil] And they reap the whirlwind [in disaster]. Hosea 8:7 AMP
Is our revelry tempered with the sobering fact that while abortion is currently the pinnacle sin of mankind, it's only the tip of the iceberg? One floating in a WaterWorld of immorality unleashed by the continual and increasing tsunami of the 60's sexual revolution redefining and/or eliminating traditional marriage and family.

devilish sociopolitical engineering undoubtedly ushered in such modern woes as career felon George Floyd's sainthood and efforts to undermine criminal justice. Antifa and BLM riots and violence. CRT and orchestrated racial tensions. C19's plandemic and goal overreach. Medical interference and harmful vaccines. Woke agenda and transgenderism. Biden's malevolent war on Ukraine and America's economy. All part of the Great Reset.

And these are just the highlights. All coordinated and choreographed by the clearly visible and menacing Iron Triangle of liberal global politics, media and corporations.

Yet even now,
modern Christianity, up to and including the vast majority of Prophetic Christians, refuses to discern the clearly repeated handwriting on the wall. And having done so, to enter the crucible of James 4's Prayer of Anguish in hopes of James 5's reconciliation to, and empowerment by, God.

Particularly the Person of the
Holy Spirit, Whom we continue to annoy and grieve, if not profane and blaspheme.

Instead, across America,
Laodicea is masquerading as Philadelphia. Lauding the Supreme Court for Hobbs vs. Jackson while the highest court in the land continues to sidestep or support all the devastating atrocities mentioned above. Many of which modern Christianity has yet to Scripturally repent of, up to and including sins of clinical and/or contraceptive abortion. In regards to commission and/or omission.

Mankind’s current pinnacle sin of abortion is spiritually quantum in a variety of ways. For example, it’s hardly just like any other sin. Even so, as with any other sin, it does require the event and process of genuine repentance. Like faith itself, honest and heartfelt repentance encompasses our entire mind, heart and will. As required by 2 Chronicles 7:14’s perfect formula for repentance.

The New Testament reiterates this principle in multiple ways. Putting the
penance in repentance, Scripture reinforces the need for a change of both attitude and action as exemplified in the old adage, “When is a thief not a thief?” The Bible’s answer is not when someone merely confesses. In and of itself a rarity these days. Not even when a thief stops stealing. That’s just an out of work thief. But rather:

  • If you are a thief, quit stealing. Instead, use your hands for good hard work, and then give generously to others in need.” Ephesians 4:28 New Living Translation

Herein lies one of several grave errors in
modern Christianity’s understanding of Biblical repentance. All too often members are bid to simply believe in the cross of Christ, with little or no discussion of practical aspects of repentance and/or restitution. Much less of His command we daily shoulder our own. As Jesus’ brother James warned in regards to living and dead faith:

  • “Do I hear you professing to believe in the one and only God, but then observe you complacently sitting back as if you had done something wonderful? That’s just great. Demons do that, but what good does it do them? Use your heads! Do you suppose for a minute that you can cut faith and works in two and not end up with a corpse on your hands?” James 2:19-20 The Message

In continued support of
conflict theology, a military analogy perfectly exemplifies Scripture’s emphasis on the crucial 3 step process of genuine repentance:

  1. Halt: “If you are a thief, quit stealing.”

  1. About Face: “Instead, use your hands for good hard work…”

  1. March: “and then give generously to others in need.”
Before continuing to celebrate exchanging presumption for faith, perhaps some soul serious searching would be in order. The Roe vs. Wade debacle would be a good place to start...

Deeper Dive

It's estimated that globally there may be as many as a billion Protestants. With the above categories identified, it seems helpful to drill down deeper as to which of today's Christian models might be nearer the all important 1st century Biblical Christian ideal:

1. 1st Century Biblical Christianity: As the originators and recipients of Pentecost's fire and empowerment as recorded in the Book of Acts, Christ's apostles were the founders of Christianity. Authoring the New Testament letters, through them and their missionary zeal they evangelized and discipled the original Church to withstand extreme resistance and persecution. To the point of eventually bringing Rome, then the world's greatest military, political and religious power on Earth to bow its knees to Christ. Thus becoming the Divine model for Christendom throughout all ages.

2. Persecuted Church: Today's Persecuted Church continues the costly mandate and mission of the 1st century Christians. This included innumerable Third World missionaries and believers daily baring their cross while proclaiming Christ's. See Nick Ripken and Voice of the Martyrs. Far less in number, some First World Christians and activists do the same.

3. Puritan Holiness: One of the smallest subset with Christendom are those embracing extreme sanctification, at least by today's standards. Such doctrine and lifestyle is more common in impoverished nations facing far less bombardment by levels of worldliness and entitlement, temptation and deception. In the modern world, such radical discipleship witnesses to one of the main differences between cheap and costly grace. The latter being the authentic grace of God presented in Scripture. Examples include John Wesley and Hudson Taylor, Charles Finney and Smith Wigglesworth, George, Mueller and Evan Roberts, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Jackie Pullinger, Leonard Ravenhill and David Wilkerson. Old and new world puritanism may differ, but both are radical expressions of commitment to Christ's in the face of worldly influence and onslaught, more recently exemplified in the Russian Church's costly overcoming of Communist persecution and tribulations. See Nick Ripken's Insanity of God and podcast Witness and Persecution Season 1 Episode E9 "Devious Persecution." GB also highly recommends reading the 1996 testimony of Olga, a 19 year old Russian immigrant's "Visit to the entrance of Hell."

4. Quantum Christianity: As previously mentioned, QC was developed in hope of being a better Bible bridge for billions, spanning the growing gap between 1st Century Biblical Christianity and 21st Century Modern Churchianity. With the goal of more fully equipping Prophetic Christians to walk in the Spirit in light of the vastly degrading times and season thrust upon us by the devilish geopolitical era in which we live.

5. Modern Christianity: An umbrella term, Modern Christianity represents many of the hundred plus denominations having fragmented Christianity. Many promoting various Christs and versions of Scripture. Major categories include Charismatics and Cessationists, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists, Denominational and Community Churches, Missions and Activist Organizations, Home and Small Group Fellowships. Most in keeping with at least some of Scripture's requirements for Biblical Churches and Fellowships.

6. Churchianity: Somewhat synonymous with Modern Christianity, Churchianity implies greater doctrinal and/or lifestyle error within or without the denominations previously referenced. Up to and including heretical movements. Including versions of prosperity gospels, particularly that of the Word of Faith Movement.

7. Emerging and Emergent Church: The Emerging Church seeks "the deconstruction of modern Christian worship, modern evangelism, and the nature of modern Christian community" by embracing a post modern theological fluid, thus worldly, interpretation of Scripture and church, morality and lifestyle. Featuring the development and promotion of progressive Christianity. Including rewriting some or all of the Bible.

While disagreements abound in regards to many, if not all, facets of the above Protestant models, it should be noted that 1-3 are in perfect keeping with the tenets and tenor of Scripture. Exemplifying evangelism and discipleship. Differing modestly, though not necessarily insignificantly, as to what degree certain doctrines are highlighted and
emphasized. Making these the safest bet and educated guess.

Models 5-6 embrace certain aspects of elementary truths. The
milk vs. meat of Scripture. Often prematurely assuming salvation by substituting presumption for faith and christianized worldliness for sanctification. Thus promoting half the gospel or less.

Model 4,
Quantum Christianity, is designed to promote Prophetic Christian understanding and compliance to models 2-3, with the goal of achieving original 1st century perspective and power in our 21st century Christian experience. Thus fully entering God's Rest and becoming entirely New Creations. The ultimate objective of Biblical Christianity.

Forty years of strategic service and research suggests modern Christianity’s Biblical report card looks something like this:

  • 1/3 of our teaching and preaching, prayers and worship, evangelism and discipleship are in keeping with the fuller content and context of Scripture. 👍

  • 1/3 of our teaching and preaching, prayers and worship, evangelism and discipleship are at lacking or at odds with the fuller content and context of Scripture. 😔

  • 1/3 of the most vital aspects of Scripture’s content and context are entirely missing. 😬
This goes a long way to explain why a Quantum Christian perspective, that embraces ALL aspects of Biblical truth equally and simultaneously, without over emphasizing or under emphasizing any, is so important.

Hence Jesus’s use of
“Man shall live by EVERY word that proceeded from the mouth of God.”

We all have valuable subjective experiences in our journey to know, and be known by the Lord. Still, the Bible was Authored as an
objective point of reference to be sure we don’t lose our way on our journey to maturity and perfection (both emphasized in the New Testament).

Again, this includes substituting or enlarging one or more aspect of God’s Divine attributes and nature over others. Either by reason of personal experience or denominational doctrine.

The following
silly quick video of drawing cartoon faces illustrates the point. All 10 minutes are pretty interesting and funny, but you can skip to the end if you’d like to see 20 differences of subtle changes and their effect on perceived outcomes.

When it comes to our relationship with God, we all agree various verses on His interaction with humanity begin to paint a picture of nuances between Divine
mercy and forgiveness, faithfulness and love, in light of repeated examples of His commands and warnings, holiness and judgment

It’s easy to see how the passages we choose to
emphasize and/or omit shape our perception of God’s range of emotion regarding both those outside and inside Christ’s Church.

As well as His acceptance or rejection of our thoughts and attitudes, words and deeds (or lack thereof).

In this
simple video example, the expression on God’s face are easily manipulated through even slight alterations of His eyes, ears, nose and mouth…

It’s been said God created man in His own image, and since then we’ve been returning the favor…

Limiting God in this way is an extremely common and costly mistake. Both temporally and eternally. One often accentuated by the worldview we use to read and interpret Scripture’s
meta messages.

Such errors are frequently supported by our individual current circumstance.

For example, the Bible repeatedly warns, directly and indirectly, not to confuse the praises of men with God’s anointing. His blessings as His approval. Financial and worldly freedom as His favor. Or vice versa.

Update 2022

It should be abundantly clear things changed substantially in 2020. Nationally and globally, the world has never scene the like of even the following short list: 

1. Covid-19 and variants, of questionable origin, mandates promoting and/or requiring untested and dangerous MRNA “vaccines” and “boosters” with negative efficacy and even deadly side effects revealing unprecedented control of healthcare and politics by the collusion of pharmaceutical companies and bureaucrats. To the point of threatening the removal of medical licenses of physicians prescribing safe and reliable treatments proven effective against respiratory and other illness. Example: In 2015 Ivermectin won the only Nobel Prize award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior. Also report by Fortune Magazine (not right wing magazine) reveals that a simple  home remedy of saline solution used for "Twice Daily Nose Flushing Can Reduce Covid Hospitalization and Death Researchers Find" by 85%. This study was conducted Fall 2020, and could have helped prevent 3/4 of Covid deaths.
  • Sample Daniel Horowitz: "Twice Daily Nose Flushing Can Reduce Covid Hospitalization and Death Researchers Find" by 85%
  • Sample Link: Steve Deace **9/15/22 Circumvent Medical Cartels with Dr. Harvey Risch** Simple straight talk from preeminent  honored immunologist and cofounder of The Wellness Company TWC.health 
  • Sample Link: **Ivermectin Nobel prize** In 2015, the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honoured the discovery of ivermectin (IVM), a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases. Since March 2020, when IVM was first used against a new global scourge, COVID-19, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have tracked such inpatient and outpatient treatments. Six of seven meta-analyses of IVM treatment RCTs reporting in 2021 found notable reductions in COVID-19 fatalities, with a mean 31% relative risk of mortality vs. controls. During mass IVM treatments in Peru, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over 30 days in its ten states with the most extensive treatments.
  • Sample Link: Daniel Horowitz: **9/26/22**The Woman Who Survived American Hospital Holocaust with COVID in Plano TX**: One could make a movie about Gail Seiler’s experience in a Plano, Texas, hospital during the pandemic. Our hospitals have become killing fields. From remdesivir and illegal DNR orders to denial of treatment, forced starvation, and abuse based on vaccination status, Gail experienced the horrors that hundreds of thousands of other Americans suffered in the hospitals. Except, thanks to her husband and help from state Senator Bob Hall, she wound up being forcibly extricated from the hospital after 14 days of torture (7 days no water…). Even though the doctors said she wouldn’t last a day longer, she is now perfectly healthy and is trying to raise awareness about the hospital genocide.
  • Sample Link: Daniel Horowitz: **The Risk of Cancer from Both the Shots and Perpetual Mask Wearing with Guest: Dr. Colleen Huber | 6/3/22** “Clot shots. Poisoning of Americans (World) beyond belief, as they prepare to stick babies as young ad 6 months old. HOW IS THIS NOT THE ISSUE OF OUR TIME?  That it perpetuates the virus, destroys the immune system, and causes every ailment known to man… And yet to this day, it’s like it doesn’t exist. It’s a complete lockout…” “If you don’t get it you have your career destroyed. If you do get it you have your body destroyed. And then everything they plan on doing there on down with it. And everything it represents, with biomedical state, track/trace, transhumanism... Dr. Colleen Huber: Neither Safe Nor Effective: The Evidence Against the COVID Vaccines (Cancer Researcher/Get eBook). 
  • Sample Link: **Died Suddenly** Documentary featuring video of alien and deadly clots being pulled from arteries and bloods vessels during autopsies, surgeries and from a beating heat. Never before seen clots harming and killing large cross section of population after receiving MRNA “vaccines” and/or boosters. Devastating effects on US military and civilians. Extreme rise in prenatal death and birth defects among newborn. Cover up and collusion by. governments, health care and media industries. Great Reset agenda of elites through population reduction and control.
2. Economic and institutional, social and quarantine lockdowns crippling businesses and institutions, education and families, from the elderly to children.

3. Individual mandates and social distancing, mask and "vaccine" requirements restricting interaction, breathing and health.
  • Sample Link: Steve Deace: **A Clarion Call Go On The Offensive** Interview with Dr. Peter McCullough
  • Sample Link: Steve Deace: **8/24/22 The jobs/Dr. Ryan Cole**Excellent interview with Dr. Ryan Cole who is treated over 500,000 Covid patients and has impeccable credentials explaining the clot shots are extremely dangerous and genetically mutating. 

4. BLM and Antifa’s spreading of widespread rioting and looting, violence and lawlessness in the name of blatantly FALSE narratives such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) and systemic police brutality. Both undermining the foundations of society by “calling good evil and evil good.” All the while elevating career felons like George Floyd to sainthood status while ignoring the plague of black on black violence and murder, particularly within liberally controlled inner cities like the Obama’s Chicago.

5. Campaigns of disinformation and destruction by the emerging Iron Triangle of liberal governments, legacy media and global corporations influencing and poisoning the hearts and minds of billions. 
  • Sample Link: **Crimes or Cover Up** Glen Beck Exposing The Worlds Most Dangerous Lie:  History of C19 conspiracy with dates and facts. 

6. Wokism’s ridiculous and dangerous plandemic of social engineering’s impact on lower and higher education, spread by the super carriers mentioned above. 

7. The impact of Transgenderism’s incoherent and devilish reversal of truth and goodness on genuine science and health care, parenting and morality, teens and children

8. Political attack on democracy, particularly in the U.S. by media bias and censorship, election fraud, registration tampering.

9. Drug cartel control of southern border unleashing illegal alien invasion of 2 million immigrants in 2022. Horrifying abuse, violence and death of women and children, sick and elderly by the most outrageous smugglers and traffickers in American history enabled by Biden administration, democratic policy and republican controlled opposition. On national and state level. Immigrants extorted $10-50,000 by cartels to allow illegal crossing into US.

10. Drug cartel designer drug epidemic and death rate. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is up to 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. Carfentanil is a synthetic opioid approximately 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times more potent than fentanyl. The U.S. government does not track death rates for every drug. However, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collects information on deaths involving many of the more commonly used drugs. Nearly 92,000 persons in the U.S. died from drug-involved overdose in 2020, including illicit drugs and prescription opioids. Up from less than 20,000 in 1999. Thats a 350% increase in 2020 with higher rates in 2022..

11. Escalation of US violent and property crime rates. Current odds are 1/178 that an American resident will be murdered during their lifetime.

12. Fuel and energy, transportation and economic crises created by faulty governmental policies and false media narratives.

13. Republican party is Controlled Opposition enabling Iron Triangle of liberal politics, media and corporations to deconstruct Judeo/Christian values. 12 Republicans declare "lawfare” on Christians by voting for so-called "Respect for Marriage Act" codifying federal support for homosexual marriage.

14. President Biden and Iron Triangle target Christian conservatives and/or MAGA Republicans as extreme and/or greatest threat to US.

15. Worldwide manipulation and control of all the above, as well as governments and economies, national budgets and banking, healthcare and communication, goods and services… by global elites implementing a Great Reset thus instituting a New World Order
Conservatives and Christians continue to fail to appropriately respond to all the above and far more:
Such atrocities, and more, have been researched and documented, warned against and explained in detail by reliable professionals in related fields. See sample links above.

Seaworthy Metaphors

With Hell to loose, and Heaven to gain, few questions in life are as important as where God draws the line in regards to Biblical Salvation. What does Scripture teach we must do to be saved? Is following Christ, the authentic Jesus, different in the the modern world than the 1st century?

When aboard a massive ocean liner, in certain respects it doesn’t seem as if you’re moving. Because you’re not, when judged by those around you aboard ship. To plot your course and speed, you need a waypoint off ship.

The same holds true for entire generations. There may be no sense of momentum, because we’re all aboard the same massive ocean liner. But actually, we may be moving at a rapid pace, into dangerous waters. Or in our case, questionable if not heretical doctrine and
worldly lifestyles.

As noted above, few recognize the growing gap between 1st century
Biblical Christianity and 21st century Modern Churchianity. Or even the requirements of salvation popularized by a pair of well known sermons by two of the primary architects of the 18th century First Great Awakening.

Jonathan EdwardsSinners In The Hands Of An Angry God may simultaneously be the most famous and infamous sermon of all time. Lightyears from the “cheap grace” of modern Christianity, it’s as interesting as it is a difficult read.

While not
religiously correct, the God of the Bible is simultaneously awe-full and awful, and should be approached as such. While Churchianity considers itself exempt from judgment, Jesus and His apostles tell a different story.

Fully grasping the message and exacting meaning of this sermon is crucial if we are to recover even a fraction of what has been lost. Beginning by developing living faith rather than presumption, whereby we assume salvation rather than seeking and serving God acceptably by means of serious sanctification and radical discipleship. All necessary foundational requirements should we realistically hope to experience Biblical Revival, much less Kingdom Reformation, in our generation.

Instead of reading
GodBlog's classic 18th Century version, we highly recommend downloading "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God: Updated to Modern English Kindle Edition" by Jason Dollar. It can be read for $2.99 on any device by downloading the Kindle app or simply on the Amazon cloud. It is a far easier and meaningful read when updated into modern language and format. The author also includes a balanced introduction and second sermon entitled "Love The Sum Of All Virtue" to present Jonathan Edwards in a more accurate light.

Nevertheless, reader be warned. When Edwards uses the phrase “Born Again” in the 18th century, it is not with the same flippancy as in the 21st, whereby we erroneously grant blessing to have our cake and eat it too. Doctrinally justifying continuing our pursuit of the Christian/American Dream, while living
mostly worldly lives.

To understand the difference, you will need a sermon by his contemporary,
John Wesley, founder of the once puritan Methodist Church, entitled "The Almost Christian.”

Another crucial consideration is that of the
Cruise Vs. Battleship analogy. While you won't find it taught in seminaries or churches, Conflict Theology is actually the underlying context of Scripture. Widely recognized for nearly two thousand years, the modern world long ago changed course, sailing far from puritanical definitions of repentance and morality, faith and discipleship and sanctification and holiness. The result has been the nearly wholesale substitution of assumed salvation for repentance, presumption for faith and inappropriate worship for sanctification.

Decades old, the increase of
temptation and deception, has resulted in a devilishly cunning strategy of incrementalism that over time has all but uprooted millennia of spiritual and sociological gains. Part and parcel of the dramatic and disastrous deterioration in the Times and Seasons in which we live, and vastly worse on the horizon. Evidence of the spirit of the Antichrist terraforming the entire planet for the beginning of Divine judgment and Great Tribulation.

If Christianity’s a cruise ship, sailing merrily from here to Heaven, then certainly Christ’s costly atonement is more than sufficient passage. The cross of Jesus is indeed all anyone could ever need. If however, Heaven and Earth are at war with fallen angels and devils, Christianity is a battleship and we must follow our Commander and Chief’s example and directives by daily shouldering our own.

Even if Christianity could be likened to a pleasure cruise, given
Churchianity’s collision course with so many modern temptations and deceptions, up to an including immorality and the blood red mountainous iceberg of abortion, in certain respects might even many well intended ministries be reduced to simply arranging deck chairs on the Titanic?

So is Christianity a cruise or gunship? We must decide. And do so quickly and carefully. Military directives and drills, cramped quarters and sea rations, would be absurd on a pleasure cruise. So too, civilian itineraries and activities, opulent suites and sumptuous banquets, would be anathema during a time of war

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Water World: Cruise Vs. Battleship."

Much has been lost and our situation dire. Nevertheless, QC dares to
hope against hope that while as in the account of Christ's debut miracle at the wedding feast of Cana, we have clearly run out of wine, still today Mary's perfect intercession, through timely and appropriate brokenness and repentance, yields insight as to how we may yet find Jesus has once again saved the best for last.

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