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Approaching God One Thought At A Time

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
- Psalms 19:1 NIV

What is


You Might Be Surprised

Christ is certainly "not a tame lion." The claims of Jesus, in regards to His Person and demands on mankind, both individually and collectively, take years of honest study to fully absorb. In the articles entitled Ten Reasons to Believe and Biblical Authenticity we make brief yet compelling cases for the unique Authority of the Bible, and thereby the supremacy of the Christ of Scripture.

Why and How to Pray!

Alone and Together

Does serious prayer still make sense given modern priviledges and responsibilities? If so, what kinds of prayers? How often? What if answers are few and far between?

Seeking God

How Hard Are We Really Trying?

For many, seeking God is too subjective a pursuit, with little or no immediate or even measurable benefits. Yet our physical, mental and social life on Earth is full of subtleties, some of which are essential to our health and well-being. The same is true spiritually. Without our best effort, we risk much in this life and the next. Up to and including enjoying the glory of the greatest of all possible blessings in time and eternity!

Quantum Christianity

Building Bridges not Walls

QC has been prayerfully designed as a bridge between both general revelation, as revealed by nature, and Scripture’s special revelation. As well as between 1st century Biblical Christianity and 21st century modern Churchianity.